Past Clients

Steven R. Wolfson, J.D., Ph.D. Expert Witness Assistance Since Earning Ph.D. in May 2005
Type of case Nature of Testimony Plaintiff/Defendant Attorney & Location
Divorce/child custody Federal income tax analysis of Petitioner’s returns Respondent Elisa Reiter, Esq. Dallas, TX
Wrongful Arrest under Color of Law, 42 U.S.C. ยง 1983 Legal opinion on whether civil rights violation occurred Defendant Henslee, Fowler, Hepworth & Schwartz, L.L.P. Dallas, TX
Admin Appeal of medical school expulsion Statistical analysis of probability of cheating on exams Appellant Bonnie Goldstein, Esq. Dallas, TX
Admin Appeal of Medicare fraud finding Statistical analysis of probability of fraud Appellant Rivas Goldstein, LLP Austin, TX
Title VII Discrimination Evidence of racial profiling Plaintiff Troy Pradia, Esq. Houston, TX
Employment Discrimination/Race and Gender Statiscal analyis of discrimination Plaintiff Herbert Hawkins, Esq. Houston, TX
Greater Houston Transportation Co., et al v. Uber and Lyft Testimony pertaining to discrimination against riders Plaintiff Pagel, Davis & Hill, PC, Houston, TX